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Fullmetal Alchemist: Embers in the Cold...

Okay, here we have the very first entry in our FMA RP, this current story arc shall be called "Embers in the Colds..." (you'll understand as we further progress) The story takes place the winter after Ed becomes a State Alchemist and he is currently enjoying a break from his military duties in Central city.

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I hate this time of year... Watching the snow fall onto one of my hands and seeing it melt, while it stays frozen solid on the other... Of course I can't complain, Alphonse is always burried in piles of snow that collect on his heatless suit or armour...

Where is he? Oh yea, that bastard colonel called him in for debriefing... too bad Al isn't a real part of the military, then it wouldn't matter what he did or didn't know. "Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang... what a jerk that guy is..."

*In a Roy imitation voice*
"Hey shrimp, I didn't see you come in" or "Is that Ed or an insect?"
*End imitation voice*

That guy has got some nerve... Maybe I should take the time to ice his office over, that'd cool off that hot-headed butt of his...

"You know, you should respect Colonel Mustang"

"Dammit Al, don't scare me like that! And who in this world would respect that ass?" Ed asked as Alphonse inserted his comment out of nowhere...

"I do... he's always loyal to his men and treats them as equals, even me and I'm not even in the military..." the younger one replied.

"Whatever, he's a jerk and that's that Al..."
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