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Kingdom Hearts: (... sex. o__<)

Sorry, I can't think of an arc title (still) 'cause I need to confer with Baku about it... x__x Anyway, on with the show :D (which in my opinion, will be sucky 'cause I'm blehhh at writing sex scenes >>)

Cloud Strife

Whoa. For all his faults, Squall certainly made up for it with his skill at giving pleasure. His hands found just the right spots, massaged with just the perfect amount of pressure... And we hadn't even gotten far, yet. I could almost believe he was as good, so far, as all those women I had bedded during my travels... But this, of course, was different. As I continued undressing him with increasing anticipation, I realized that the emotions and sensations coursing through me were not entirely originating from my sexual desire, as was the case with every sexual act I had done in the past. This time, for the first time, I could see my partner as not an object to satisfy my needs but as someone I could share my love with.

I had had sex several times, but this was the first time I'd actually 'make love', as they say...

By this time I had managed to strip him to his boxers, and, quickly thinking of an idea to get him into submission, I took advantage of the fact that his pants were still around his ankles and pushed him off balance, hoping (unrealistically) that he'd be as easy to control as my past partners.


And blah blah blah... I'll just stop it there before we get into the good stuff >>
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