Leon Leonhart (csaarevolver) wrote in skrabarp,
Leon Leonhart

Rant + Ragnarok:


Okay, Skraku has been slacking off badly and it really annoys me. Here is the last RP I can type up until it is soley on her territory because I am not gonna start RPing with myself.

End Rant

This next RP is set in the Manga Ragnarok's universe and the pairing is that of Loki/Chaos. They story starts off at the begining of Volume 8, after defeating the necromancer Himmelmez, Chaos and co. are searching for the next shard of the Heart of Ymir. The two soon find themselves in a pub, trying to find leads on the whereabouts of the next shard.

I can't believe my wounds are healing this fast! Then again, I haven't felt this envigorated in a while. The long lasting fade of adrenaline and near death experience can always keep a Rune Knight bouncy. I really thought I was done for... I would've died if it weren't for the assassin. Loki... I'll have to repay him one day... Bright side is now I have another friend to stuff with... I think we're friends..?
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