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Before we get started...

Well, since we had already started our Cloud/Leon arc way back in January, I took it upon myself to find all our past rps and organize them into one large post so that if you do decide to follow it, you won't get lost (and so that we can remember what we wrote too ^^;). So, without further ado, here's our Heartless Tale:

A Heartless Tale

Leon Leonhart

The heartless are so relentless today. I had to use all of my energy just to keep them from breaching the first district. I should all end soon though. Sora has found a way to reach Hollow Bastion meaning the Door to the Heart of all Worlds will soon be sealed. I hope he hurries because I don't quite know how much longer I can hold them off alone now that Yuffie has been injured by the last enemy group...

Cloud Strife

Traverse Town. I can't explain why, but for some reason or another something's telling me that what I'm looking for is there... waiting. I don't understand it, I can't recollect even visiting that place in my lifetime, so why would anything of importance to me be there? If anything, I had figured Hollow Bastion would be the first place to search. However, it's almost as if something, my soul, is tugging me towards this unfamiliar town. That and the fact that my hometown is no doubt still inaccessible... I hate being so incapable of defending my own home... I feel so powerless... So useless. Damn it, it really pisses me off to no end. Maybe whatever awaits in Traverse Town will prove useful in ridding Hollow Bastion of that despicable darkness that almost consumed my own self... But I feel it's more than that, even. I guess there's only one way to know for sure, though... To Traverse Town, it is!

Leon Leonhart

It had only been minutes since I cleared the heartless out of the entrance to the 2nd District until I found myself running towards the screams at the doors to the 3rd District. The Heartless... they're becoming more powerful now... maybe they actually realise the potential damage that Sora may inflict and fear for their stolen lives? As I arrived to the 3rd district I saw the source of the scream. Another Reverse Guard Armor has appeared, this one looking a bit more powerful then the last one Sora fended off. It raised it's arms calling the powers of darkness to himself as other Heartless appeared. I started by disabling the smaller ones and now all I have left to do is finish off the remaining Shadow and go for the Armor. As I striked my blade upon the darkness I felt a clawed hand smash into the back of my head and then suddenly everything went white as I felt myself fall... Maybe this town has actually lost it's heart, because if it hasn't, I know that soon I shall loose mine....

*passes out*

Cloud Strife

Reaching Traverse Town proved to be pretty easy, but as I neared it I could feel a sense of foreboding as well as the same feeling that brought me there in the first place - that tugging at my soul. As soon as I entered the town, though, I had a pretty good idea what had caused that omninous feeling - Heartless. Though I could not see them at first, I knew without a doubt that there were some lurking around the town. Deciding it was best not to get involved with the residents of Traverse Town just yet, I quickly left the first district - the one where it seemed most of the residential buildings were - and began to search the rest of the town for anything that may give me a clue as to where the thing I was searching for was. And, in the midst of a relatively easy battle against a few Heartless, that's when I felt it. That strange sense directing me where to go... Except this time it was much more powerful, as if what I was looking for was nearly right under my nose. Quickly I finished the battle with the Heartless, and let it lead me to a door - probably to yet another of the town's districts. As my hand lingered on the handle, I felt that if I had tried to pull back I would have failed, as the force pulling at my heart and soul had become far too strong. At the same time, though, and I hate to admit it, I could sense that the power of the Heartless behind that door was much more than I may have been able to handle. What did that matter, though, when I was sure the thing I had been searching for since as long as I could remember was right behind this very door? Readying my sword, I shoved the door open, realizing then what had caused the two contradictory sensations. Floating, it seemed, right in the middle of the district was a large, armor-like Heartless, and fainted right in front of it was .... him. Squall Leonhart.

Leon Leonhart

*Dream sequence*

As Leon got up from the cold ground he found that there was nothing... nothing but darkness...

"Am I... am I turning into a Heartless?" He asked as he felt the darkness start to shread at his heart like a cold blade... "I've failed... I couldn't protect the town and it's people" Leon could feel the despair in his heart as he slowly gave into the darkness, not wanting to remember the pain of shame and failure.

As his heart had almost given in Leon opened his eyes to see the being of light, protecting him from the shadows... "Don't give your heart to darkness... others need you... I..." But then the angel flew away as Leon leaned into it's touch... But he widened his eyes in shock as the angel flew away with only one wing... "Will I ever see you again?" He screamed as the faceless angel turned and replied "As long as you don't give into darkness, I'll always be by your side..."

*end of the sequence thinger....*

Cloud Strife

I keep on trying to wake him up, but so far all my efforts have been for naught. I had nearly forgotten how deep Squall sleeps... that is, when he -does- let the inevitable exhaustion of the day take him over. Strange, how the tugging at my heart ended up being caused by him... Though, somehow, I feel as if I had always known. Or maybe I'm just fooling myself into thinking I always knew... Can one sole individual have such power, such an effect, over another's heart and soul? No. No. No. That's impossible. At least for me, I am certain. I shielded myself against such weaknesses long ago... and Squall Leonhart certainly would not be the one to break it.

... I have to stop thinking about this...

... I can't wait to tell him how I had to rescue his sorry ass. Heh. Squall, the damsel in distress. I guess that makes me his 'Knight in Shining Armour' >:P

Leon Leonhart

'Ow, my head... what the hell happened' were the only thoughts in my mind as I got up rubbing my head. I slowly looked around the brightly lit room to find that I was randomly stashed away in one of the hotel rooms... 'I'm surprised the Heartless aren't in here... or... am I dreaming?'

I can't fucking believe I was beat down by a heartless... a weak one at that... but then again... how did I get here? [-(I give up on semi quotation marks >_<)-] Somewhere out there, someone knows that they've saved me and I know it's gonna come back and bite me in the ass... People always want to be rewarded, be it money or something else... Society is dying in Traverse Town, people are greedier and right away you know it's most likly why the Heartless found us in the first place... I hope Sora seals the final Key Hole soon... He should've been near Hollow Bastion when I was KO'd...

Cloud Strife

Okay. I've pretty much run out of patience with this man. I'd be worried had I not known for sure he was just sleeping, because it's been such a long time since I first brought him into this strange hotel and he's still out cold. Hmm, I guess it couldn't hurt if I left his side to go stretch my legs for a while... Come to think of it, why is it I feel I -need- to be by his side? It's obvious he has no serious injuries, so it's not like I have to make sure he stays alive... Though I do have to figure out how he, out of all people, caused such a powerful feeling to stir inside of me. I almost don't want to stay to find out, if it means unlocking memories I worked so hard to forget. Memories that, in this world, render one weak and vulnerable... that is something I cannot afford. Maybe I should just go...

The town's once fresh air, now tainted with the darkness of the heartless, isn't helping to uncloud (nooo, that is not a pun... ><) my thoughts. After fighting a few of the irritating creatures without any luck of riding myself of the steadily increasing stress this is causing, I guess maybe the best way to figure this out is just to face him... Maybe he's awake by now.

Leon Leonhart

As I got up I heard footsteps in the hallway. The Heartless have come back for me... I need my gunblade or I'll be totally defensless, but the weapon is nowhere to be found! Damn, I'll have to try to use my bare hands. As the footsteps got closer I crept up to the door. The handle was turning and as soon as the door open I jumped at the inturder, knocking it down under my own weight...

Little did I know that I was lying ontop of him...

Cloud Strife

As I walked down the hallway towards the room where I had left the sleeping man, I heard some scuffling coming from inside... It was Squall, no doubt, finally awake from his -what seemed to be- eternal slumber. I nearly faltered at that point; was I really ready to face him already? Could I tell him about why I had ended up here? ... Did he even need to know, or deserve too? Maybe it was all well that he just never knew I was here... But that couldn't be right. There had to be a reason why I was drawn to this place - to him. Okay, I just have to get this over with now. Turning the door handle, I cringed to see the reaction I'd get when he realized who he was facing...

Just as I opened the door, the wind was knocked out of me and before I realized it I was sprawled on my back... Damn, my reflexes suck today for some reason... and damn, -he-'s on top of me... Why is it I'm all nervous and hot all of a sudden?

FUCK, get offa me, Squall, you're heavy...

I guess saying that out loud would have a better effect...

But I can't even speak...

Or breathe, for that matter... @___@

Leon Leonhart

My attacker, aka the blond retard, has returned.... I can't believe that out of EVERYONE who could of helped me, this traitor had the nerv to come back here.

"I suggest you leave now before I hurt you.."

Cloud Strife

"I suggest you leave now before I hurt you.." he said...

How nice. I felt oh so joyful to be here now. Humph. Using more force than was probably necessary, I shoved the man off of me, crossing my arms in rebuke as I stood to face him.
"What a warm welcome... I guess I should've expected that from you, though." I replied, cocking an eyebrow. It was a mistake to stay here... "By the way, is it customary here to repay the person who just saved your sorry ass with a threat? My apologies for saving your life, then... Oh, and if anyone should leave, it's you. This is, afterall, my 'hotel room'." of course, that last bit was a slight bend in the truth, but who was he to tell me to bugger off?

Leon Leonhart

Shit shit shit, he can kick me out and I don't have enough strength to survive outside... >_<
*Idea lightbulb*

"But you can kick out a dear old friend who would die alone due to fatigue" hell yea, great line ^_^ now to seal the deal. *rests head on blond's chest* Wow... comfy.... "mmmmm"

"How about you just let me stay here for a bit?"

Cloud Strife

"What the-?" what was with the sudden change of character? When he first recognized me Squall seemed to have no intention on letting me back into his life, and now all of a sudden it's kiss and make up time? Something doesn't smell right... "What, after what you just said you expect me to be all chummy chummy with you again? Back off!" I shoved him away from me (for the second time), moving around him to get into my room. "You just threatened to 'hurt me' and now you expect me to be worried about whether or not you get hurt if you leave? Pfft...." I paused to think for a moment, then let out a sigh. Unfortunately, I wasn't as uncaring towards him as he was towards me. "... Whatever. You can stay. Just don't expect any more favors."

Leon Leonhart

Good, somehow got him to let me stay. "Good". I just... It's still sometimes hard to face him, after everything he's done... As I walked towards the comfy looking rug on the floor to sit I suddenly started to feel light headed... everything was all nice...but why won't it stop spinning? I ended up landing on my ass with a loud THUD... Owww.... ;___;

Cloud Strife

Oh, great. He's fallen down again. Man, what a damsel in distress he's turned out to be. And what a laugh, too... If it weren't for the fact that I had to take care of the big ol' lump now. C'mon, Squall, let's get you back to your bed, miss weak-in-the-knees. Sighing, I took a step towards him, extending my arm. "... Care for some help, there? Or are you to high and mighty for that shit, huh? Pfft. I get no appreciation."

Leon Leonhart

"... Care for some help, there? Or are you to high and mighty for that shit, huh? Pfft. I get no appreciation" said the blond spiky one.

"That'd be nice" I replied, in a mumbly weak state.

As he picked me up and slowly escorted me towards the mini couch I decided that I didn't want to sleep on the stupid uncomfrtable, so I decided to use a shift in weight so that he accidentally flung me onto the bed... Before he could get a word in, I snuggled up to the blankets and pillow, aka, stripped down to my special custom made 'Heartless' boxer and fell asleep before he could bitch at me...)


Cloud Strife

"Squ-Squall? Hey - Whoa, no! Damn it, no - Ah, damn you." I grumbled as the heavy man shifted his weight in a way to fall onto -my- bed instead of the makeshift one I had made for him. "Err... Yeah, lovely boxers." I muttered, noitcing the familiar heartless symbol on them... It sure seemed as though Squall was evil enough to be compared to those creatures at this moment... The grudge of bed-stealing runs deep... If it weren't for the fact that he was so heavy and I was running out of strength having carried him multiple times already, I would've shoved his shameless self outside. It was late, though, and I was exhausted. Stripping down to my own boxers (with heartsies <3), I shot one last glare at the troublesome man before flopping onto the couch.

Too bad this odd feeling won't go away... The same one that brought me here in the first place... now magnified in his presence. I wonder what it could mean...

Leon Leonhart

At around mid-dawn I decided to get up. I can't believe I was mean enough to make Cloud take the couch... he deserves it though... Ever since he left me behind 4 years ago to go find... 'her'... I hope she's dead, I truly do, I hope someone stabs her in the back with gigantic sword... After he left... I just felt so empty. I wish he'd of never left and everything would be just as it was before, two friends that et nothing come between them... unless it had big fake boobs and a slutty dress and brown ugly hair... then Cloud chases after her...

As I look at his figure sleeping I can't help but feel the betrail return... I can't put up with this...
"I wish you never came back" I hissed as I made for the door so I could leave before he woke up...


Great, I tripped and broke the fucking lamp... It's his fault somehow...

Cloud Strife

"Nrrgh." I groaned, awakened by an odd noise... As if something had crashed. Wait, where was I? Letting my eyes open a crack, I remembered the instant I caught sight of the cobweb-filled ceiling. "Squall..." I grumbled, turning my head to the source of the sound. Figures. He broke something... It wasn't enought that he stole my bed, but now he goes and increases my inn rent by trashing the lamp? I regret helping him more and more with each second...
"What the hell'd you do that for, you ass? That's coming out of -your- pocket, you bed-stealing bastard."
I knew full well that it was probably an accident, but quite frankly I didn't care at this rate. "So, pay up." I put my hand out after pulling myself off the couch. "It's the least you could do, you know, after basically taking my room for yourself."

Leon Leonhart

Money's all he wants...fine... I don't need this anymore...

"Take you fucking money" I said, throwing some munney (KH currency for you nimrods who don't like... lmao) at him. I decided that now was as good as time as any to leave and I flung the door open and just walked out.

Having him come back here has brought back so many memories. I decided that I'd go to the 'Secret Place' within the sewer tunnels, the place that was also located under the old wizard's shack...

I remember when the walls that bordered off the worlds first became unstable and Hollow Bastion had been introduced to Gummi Ships... I was 16 then.. Rinoa and Yuffie wanted me to go to Traverse Town with them, a town created as a hub for new adventurers and they also wanted to drag along their friend. Hey, I was 17, wanted to explore new world, I didn't give a shit. When we got there we looked around here and there until Yuffie, who decided she needed to go into Ninja-Mode, stumbled upon this place. Later that day a we all sat around the sunlight mural Rinoa kissed me... She'd always liked me but I never really saw her as anything other than a diversion from my internal ramblings. I turned her down and she ran straight out of there followed by a Yuffie trying to console her. It was just me and the blond one who I'd had ignored so far...

"So... what's your name?" I asked with a slight smile... He seemed harmless enough...

---2 years later---

Cloud and I decided to go back to the Secret Place in Traverse Town, he said he wanted us to return there before something came up for him... I figure he'll have a lot of training back home soon seeing as he so badly wanted to join Ansem's SOLDIER organisation, an important group of a few select people who were to keep peace across the world... but I was wrong...

"It's been a year since Aerith has been missing" he stated. That's right.. Aerith... That weird girl who lived in the castle above the rising falls. "What do you care about her?" I asked, maybe a bit of jealousy was apparent in my tone...

"I love her you know..." he said, looking me in the eyes...

"Then GO!, Just leave me here then!" Before I turned to leave I had one last thing I need to do... I approached him and leaned in close to his face and as soon as he was caught off guard I punched him as hard as I could.

"If you leave me now, don't ever come back! I won't want to see you after today!" I yelled before walking off... A half an hour later I saw a nice empty house in the 3rd district for sale...

'Maybe I should try to start my life over' I thought... Of course Yuffie would have to come... She's the only other person I really trust. Most people can't even look at me after they found out that 6 month ago the reason Rinao killed herself was because I kept on rejecting her, no matter how desperate she seemed...

'Maybe she had the right idea of ending bad things..' I shook my head to get those thoughts out of my head...

---present time---

If these walls could talk... They'd probably yell at me for hitting them so often over the years...

Cloud Strife

"I think I will - and after that..." I brought my voice down to a mere whisper, talking to myself and hoping he wouldn't care to listen in on my monologue. "I'm gonna get out of here... It was a mistake coming... My departure would be best for the both of us. Well, unless of course the little princess gets himself in trouble again." fuck it, I'm not gonna be his knight in shining armour again, after having to endure that cold, cruel attitude of his...

I guess maybe he did have a reason, small though it may be, to be a little peeved. I did leave him and the rest of them to go look for... her. That was probably the biggest mistake of my life. Pfft. What an idiot I was back then, forcing myself to believe that I was in love with Aerith just because I thought it was what would make everyone happy... I didn't want what happened to Rinoa to happen to her... Seeing the consequence of unrequited love after Squall denied her so many times... I cared enough for Aerith that I didn't want that to happen to her... Or anyone, for that matter. Another suicide certainly wasn't a thing that would lighten my friends' spirits up, so I faked love to prevent it...

And what did I get in return? A nice, lovely farewell -punch- from Squall when I went after her. Hmmph. Was he that selfish that he was against my saving her just so that we were all together (minus Aerith of course)? Or maybe it was...

Anyway. I've gotta put all that stuff behind me. Love, friends, Traverse Town... That past is no more, just a bunch of ruined memories. It was a mistake coming here, and it was a mistake hoping to resolve to ressolve the issues I have with that man... and the feelings. No. What feelings? I have none... None. That's the way to live if one wants to survive in the present world.

Well. Time to go.

However... Maybe... This feeling... It's...
Maybe I was searching for the wrong person all along.

But it's too late now.

Leon Leonhart

"Now I know how she felt. Being left behind by the person you were closest to... Cloud was always my friend since we met until he left. Even then, ever since I left this place... I was hoping he would come after me to stop me. I was hoping that maybe he'd give up on Aeirith for...for me? Do I really want him to be there for me? To... love me?"

"No, I don't want any of this any more! I don't want to be confused and alone in my thoughts! I don't want to be alone..."

Leon heard the echo of his last word over and over again... Suddenly he understood Rinoa's motives...

"I could end it all now, right here, in the place we met and parted... I want to end it all, I can't keep going through these memories which torment me..."

Leon fell to his kness tears somewhat apparent...

"I've always been strong and now I can't even hold myself together... I've failed at everything..."

Leon took out one of the many sharp Lucid Crystals he collected as prizes for ridding the town of it's shadowed demons...

"Rinoa... all this time I thought you were just another crazy person who ended their life over the stupidest of things... But I've realised... You're only crazy if you decide to live with the pain"

Leon slowly brought the crystal to his wrist... "Why did you have to leave me..."

Cloud Strife

I finally finished rearranging and paying for the room, and I'm just about prepared to leave this wretched place... Time certainly has changed it - what was once a reminder of utopian childhood memories had now become a hellhole of past grudges never having been let go, possibly even magnetized by the length of time I had spent away. Holding on to that small hope that Squall and I may have possibly come to terms was such a ridiculous notion - I should've known that, knowing the way he is.

... Even so, I have this urge to return to the place where we first met, under the wizard's house, one last time before saying an indefinite goodbye. Why? I don't know... I guess I'll always some feelings for him, no matter how much I try to drown them.

As I neared the familiar area, unchanged throughout the years, still the same dark sewer area it always was, I recognized the very man that had brought me here in the first place... and he was...
"What the hell do you think you're doing, you idiot?" I yelled, noticing the shard in his hand, aimed at his wrist.

Damn. Nearly a repeat of the Rinoa incident. But... what reason did he have? God, he was pissing me off more and more... I rushed over to him, pulling grabbing onto his wrist and hoping my strength would overcome his this once. "You fucking bastard, what are you thinking? Are you that selfish that you wouldn't care about your friends and how they would react if you were to... to... Follow Rinoa's lead?" I sighed angrily, still clenching onto the wrist that kept him from slicing his other wrist open and taking his life. "God, you really can't be left alone... Why would you do such a thing, anyway?"

Leon Leonhart

"Why... why?"
I can't believe he's asking me why... is he that oblivious to my feelings...

"I did it because I..."

I can't tell him...


I just can't.... *breaks down and tears up*

Cloud Strife

"You did it because you what? Squall, I -" shit, now he's starting to cry... I've never seen him like this before, and definitely wasn't prepared for it... Do I leave him alone, or talk to him? What, what do I do now? And I still want to know why... Why he tried to kill himself. "Err... What... What could compel you to do such a thing... I couldn't imagine..." I muttered, unsure of what to say. I decided to stand by him silently after that, figuring that my questioning probably wasn't the best thing for him right now. I found myself thinking of our younger days together, and how everything just seemed to be perfect whenever he was around... How he came from being a scary stranger to a big brother to a best friend and then - well, it was weird, but it was almost as if my love for Aerith felt faked because of how close I felt to -him-. But no. That was all over with now.
... However, I wonder... He tried to kill himself right after leaving the inn. And here, no less. Could it be that it was -my- fault he did it? I almost feel myself wishing that were the case, for some reason... Stupid Cloud, what're you thinking - wishing you're the cause of someone's pain? God, how bastardly of me.
"I know I don't deserve your response - but I'm going to ask you anyway... To be honest with me, Mr. Leonhart. Does this - ... does this have anything to do with... err... me?" fuck, that sounded cocky. I can't believe I just asked that.
"Ahh, I mean - Forget it... Nevermind." I didn't want to hear what he had to say, really... It couldn't be good, at any rate. What nerve I had for asking such a question. I better go before he gets all bitchy again. Damn it, I'm just making things worse and worse as I spend more time in this place. I have to get out of here, before I do some real harm.

Leon Leonhart

"No! Don't leave me here again!" I yelled... I don't want him to go away again... "If you leave me again... I don't know what I'd do... I finally got my self organized after you left, it acted as if you were never there to begin with... I almost believed it." I can't let him go....

"But when you came back you made me realize that you are real and that I -am- weak..."

I got up and walked towards him

"The reason I punched you last time was because you were leaving for her... you were leaving me behind as if I didn't matter..."

I couldn't help but want to inch in closer...

"Because you knew that I'd never want you to leave, yet you did anyways...why...?"

Cloud Strife

"What? Don't leave you? And why not? All I've been causing is trouble..." I stopped, turning around to face him after hearing those unexpected words. "What are you - Squall... I..."
Was he trying to confess? Could it be that... his feelings matched my own all this time?

"I left... Because... I thought that's what everyone would want... I guess I was wrong... Squall, I, errm... Well, Aerith and I... It was unrequited love. I just didn't want what happened to Rinoa to happen to her, that's all. I do love someone, I think... But it's not ... her."

God, could I go through with this? ... Whatever. If I was wrong, then I could just leave anyway. Here we go. Sighing, and stood up onto my toes and gently placed a kiss on his (yummy) lips. "Alright, there. Secret's out. ...." Oh my God I think the temperature just rose about 100 degrees. I bet I look like a tomato. Arrgh.

What the hell did I do that for?
I don't even know if I truly do love him.... Errk.

Leon Leonhart


(3rd person POV)

Leon grabbed Cloud and pushed themselves deeper into the kiss, moaning and the sorts (such great description)

(Leon POV)

Please let this mean that he -does- love me.... .____.
Note to self: don't let moment go to waste.... have sex with blond one

Cloud Strife

Holy fuck... Could this really be happening? He's actually -returning- the kiss? Maybe my guess was right, afterall... That would explain a lot. But now what? I was totally expecting him to smack me or something, knowing how he is. Apparently I have Squall figured out all wrong. What do I do? Is this what I really want? It must be... I wouldn't of done it if that weren't the case... But it just seems so... Weird. My thoughts are all still clouded. I just don't know - whether this is -it-. Shiiit... even my hands at my side a twitching in anticipation. The more we stood like this together, the more I felt... As if it were right. That this was meant to be...
"Squall..." I pressed my lips against his once more, this time with a little more force, sneaking my hands under his shirt as I tightened my grip around him. There was no doubt about it... The more I spent time with him, feeling his muscular form against mine, the more I realized that this was what where my heart truly lay.

And now for a little taste of paradise...

Leon Leonhart

The heat grew between us as I snaked my hand into his shirt, hoping his scarf would stop trying to interupt the barrage of passionate kisses.I slowly moved my hand around, feeling his upper body and how so much time has done his body well.

I break the kiss as I start to pull at his Scarf and Shirt, trying to get the blond to discard the articles of clothes that were blocking from the object of my desire...

Cloud Strife

Whoa. He sure is revving to go. Damn it, I bet he wants to be on top, too... Poo, why does he have to be bigger than me? I made the first move, so -I- should be the one getting things going, not him. Screw you, Squall, you're not gonna win this without a fight...
While he struggled to pull off my more than stubborn scarf, I tugged viciously at his jacket with one hand while slowly letting the other creep down from his faultless abdomen to the area where I bet Squall has let few, if anyone (knowing the way he is ...), venture, all the while thinking of a plan that could help me to gain the upper hand.
I wasn't about to submit to uke-ism just yet.

Leon Leonhart

I couldn't help but push myself into his body as his hand slowly caressed my most personal of areas. After I removed his scarf I made quick work of his shirt, all while still gasping for air inbetween passionate kisses. I want to feel loved by him, I want his love to shout out at me at the top of it's lungs... Maybe for one night, I'll let him show me how much he truly loves me... if he even does... What am I thinking, he wouldn't use me.

My hands were roaming all over his topless torso, thumbs rubbing over his two small ares of pinker, more tender flesh, hoping to hear a moan reverbrate into my mouth.

~ To Be Continued… ~

P.S. Just to let you know, it's gets a little "hot" towards the end so if you're not into that stuff then I advise you -not- to read it ^^

So, hopefully we'll be able to get things rolling tomorrow, yay! ^__^ See ya then~!

- Skraku
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