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Catching up! ... Yes Skraku lives x__x

Yeah I'm here. Finally *shifty eyes* School sucks. It's stealing me away from what I enjoy doing T__T

Anyway. Here's some rp-age XD ... Let's see how rusty I am. No titles this time by the way, just... err... the character picture things ^^;

Ah, skillfull Squall... Finally managing to reveal my ... err... Fuck, why'd I have to be wearing -those- boxers? How embarrassing... Anyway, I wasn't going to let that phase me... I'd still have the upper hand. I shoved him back down, trailing my nails along the perfect skin of his stomach and abdomen as my lips and tongue found their way around his neck and the side of his head before resting on his lips. Sighing, I lifted my head up, taking on last look at his heavenly features...

Hmm hmm hmm, haha. Bars are such a nice way to get rid of frustration... Too bad I got kicked out of that one. Of course, that sexy lady was totally into me, it was obvious... Why did she chicken out as soon as I demonstrated some of my irresistable charm? Damn grumpy bouncers... If only they knew who they were dealing with! Come to think of it, why didn't I use some of my flame alchemy? ... Pfftt. I guess alcohol has that effect some time. Duhr, Roy, use your head! ... Wait, what was I just thinking? Anyway, that doesn't matter now... I need to get myself to a bar! Hmm... I seem to remember just coming from one, though... Why did I leave? Probably because there were no decent chicks there to pick up. Yeah, I bet that's it. And - heyyy! That a short little blonde lady in distress right over there is pretty sexy! I'm sure I can get some action outta - ... Ohhh shit. Is that E... Edward Elric? WAS I JUST ABOUT TO USE MY CHARM ON THAT PUNY PUNK?! Fuck no! Of course I wasn't. But what the hell is he doing here?

"Hey, midget! What do you think you're doing hanging around the adult corner of town? Huh? Trying to get ass raped or something? Is that the only way you can get action? That's pretty sad... Hahaha!"

I stumbled over to him, no, I mean... Of course I wasn't stumbling. I was walking, 'cause I certainly wasn't tanked. "Well, shorty? Isn't it past your bedtime?"

How typical. Wasting time doing leisure activities when we should be continuing on this quest. With each second we wait, that valkyrie gets that much closer to obtaining the rest of the pieces of the heart of Ymir. Does Chaos not realize the urgency of this 'mission', so to speak? Apparently not, since he actually let those two women traipse off to the hot springs. ... Then again, we really do not have any means of getting anywhere for the time being... We should be looking for just that, then! The scales of Midgard are about to be tipped, and here I am downing ... well, whatever the hell this stuff is... with that Rune Knight. Chaos.
Hmm... Chaos. It is evident that he is, indeed, the murderer of my people... Yet the more time I spend with him, the less I believe that to be possible. Why? When it was literally written in plain blood? That man is surely a mystery that, as much as I hate to admit it, will continue to increase my curiosity... When it comes time, will I indeed be able to kill him? If not, what will become of the retribution for my people's deaths? ...
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