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The Sanctuary of the SkraBa RP

Do a little dance, make a little love, get yaoi tonight!

Skraku and Baku's RP Community
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Skraku & Baku's RP community!

Basically this is a community which will serve as the home for Skraku (muffinofdoom) & Baku's (csaarevolver) yaoi rp-ness. ^__^ Currently, the 'list' consists of

- Kingdom Hearts -> Leon/Cloud (already started in our personal journals)
- Fullmetal Alchemist -> Roy/Edo
- Ragnarok -> Loki/Chaos

More to come, such as the basic plotline for the various rps ^__^ and more details (if I can think of any x__x) Possibly even some fanart to go along with those sexxxy couples ;)

If you want to read our rps, don't be shy and add us to your friends list ^__^ Oh, and we won't bite you if you comment either *nod nod*

Tata for now ^.~

*Many Thanks to egyptainspirit for her SUPER help in LJ design <3


-Fullmetal Alchemist: coming soon

-Kingdom Hearts: coming soon

-Ragnarok: coming soon

Character Profiles

Edward Elric
Edward Elric, the older of the two brothers, is charactaristically short. But following the principles of equvalent trade, what he loses in height, he gains in his abilities as an alchemist. Edward becomes the youngest state alchemist in history, a prodigal genius.

As all state alchemists have, he is given a codename, Full Metal Alchemist, rooting from his auto-mail (artificial metal) body, his arm and leg.

In order to recover his original body, along with his brother, he travels to find the philosopher's stone.

-- taken from Fullmetal-Alchemist.com

Roy Mustang
Roy Mustang is a state alchemist, specializing in flame alchemy. He has
achieved his rank from his prior achievements during the eastern Ishbal war.

His alchemy resides with the use of his fiber-synthetic gloves, that have a transmutation circle sewn into them.

At first glance, Roy is nothing more than a cocky man who would jump at the chance to see women in skirts, but in reality he is a determined person, who is not so easily defeatable.

-- taken from Fullmetal-Alchemist.com

Leon Leonhart
25 years old
A swordsman in Traverse Town who fights the heartless. He is reticent and often seems aloof.

-- taken from KingdomHearts.com

Cloud Strife
22 years old
A mysterious warrior that wields an impressive sword. He has many walls built around his heart and because he keeps others at an emotional distance, no one knows how he came to be or where he came from.

-- taken from Kingdom Hearts Character Sheet

The reincarnation of the fallen god Balder, Chaos has been told by his divine mother, Frigg, that the fate of the world rests in his hands. He may also be tied to the legendary "Dragon Knights."

-- taken from the Ragnarok Manwha 'Players Handbook'

When it comes to personality, Chaos is the typical noble, selfless knight who would not hesitate to save others at the risk of his own life. Oftentimes he comes off as a rather somber and serious character, but does quite often show off his more quick-witted and sarcastic self.

Greatest of the Assassins, Loki's anonymity is a testament to his skill at going unseen. An enigma himself, his curiousity and respect for the even more mysterious Chaos caused him to join the Rune Knight for as long as they follow the same road.

-- taken from the Ragnarok Manwha 'Players Handbook'

Where first impressions are concerned he seems rather uncaring and dark, not particularly concerned with the safety and lives of others if they get in his way. However, he does, just like most stoic characters, have a sensitive side. Loki is also quite knowledgeable/wise.